Benefits of Investor Awareness

What are the benefits of market awareness?
By Positive Stocks ( investor relations firm) Small Cap Investor Relations

Before thinking of what could be the benefits of market awareness you must first understand what it is. Market awareness is the clear and proper understanding of a given market. By this we mean any investor who wishes to venture in any market must have a lot of knowledge about the market. It involves the clear understanding of what need exists in a market. It answers the question “what are the customer’s needs.” It also entails knowing the market trends, market size,market share, the benchmarks and standards in the market not forgetting the market expected changes in future. By having a clear understanding of the market before venturing in it you can be certain of coming up with the right product or services. It is only when you are aware of the market that you can be able to know the products or services the customers need. Market awareness therefore contributes a lot to the success of any business. Many are times when business fail even before they get started as a result of coming up with a product that is not required. It is therefore recommended that great research be done by anyone who wants to enter into the market so as to get what customers do require. Market awareness also helps in identifying the size of the market.

It is only with this information that one can be able to satisfy the market needs. By knowing the size of the market one will only produce and supply the correct quantity of whatever product you are offering. This means that there exist no chances of having shortage or surplus of your product in the market. Market awareness helps the business know who its customers are. This information is very relevant as it helps in making a number of other decisions. For example you need to know the age group of your customers in order to know the kind of marketing to do on your product. By knowing the age of your potential customers you will be able to decide the media of advertisement to use and even the best time to put an advert .It is only through market awareness that a new person can determine the various market trends.

These are the various ways in which a market responds to a given aspect. You need to know this information so as to make the right decision on the same. For instance if you know the time in which the sales of a product is likely to be high you may decide to increase your product to take advantage of the increased demand. Anyone in business must know who his/her competitor is, how he operates and how best to beat him/her. For one to remain competitive in the market he/she must ensure better products quality and quantity, better and affordable prices not forgetting better channels of distribution as compared to those of the competitor. It is for the same reason that market awareness is advised help identify and study your competitor. Market awareness contributes greatly to proper business positioning. It should be noted that for any business to succeed it must be set up in the right location where it best serves its customers. This will ensure more customers satisfaction and even winning their good will.

Market awareness should not only be seen as requirement for new businesses only. All the businesses must be aware of the market all the time as customers need keeps on changing. It is therefore recommended that continuous market survey be done to always get new customers and even maintain the existing ones.

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