Customer and Investor Lead Generation

Customer and Investor Lead Generation

Developing programs to create a prospective customer or investor into a targeted, more precise, paying customer or active investor. Demand generation should include using any marketing tool that will help prospective customers and investors become targeted customers and investors moving them swiftly through the sales process.

A successful demand generation strategy such as direct mail, advertising online and off-line, trade shows, webcasts are very important but there are hundreds and thousands of other things that live within those categories that can contribute to successful lead generation campaigns and programs.

Building a Shareholder Base

When it comes time to build a shareholder or consumer base, businesses looking for financial help usually go to an angel.

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At times it’s difficult to even reach an angel because they would like to see progress in a way to exit the deal down the line. If you’re looking for investments Capital if you’re looking to build a shareholder /consumer base. You have to be a self promoter. You must understand online marketing, Digital PR, outsource management,demand generation,  investor relations financial communications, and how to position yourself online to attract those that you want in your business, the goal is to bring those were relevant and useful to look at you, the goal is to find those with in your industry to take a look at you and start talking about you, you have to be tuned in to every aspect that is always changing online when it comes to online market and lead generation and to increase sales. You can raise money , create visibility for your brand increase consumer awareness all at the same time.

Building a sharehlder base is a lot like building a consumer base. First, You have to start with the basics. However, the basics are often overwhellmed by a millon other things to do when it comes to digital marketing.

Came across this article on how to buid an investor following on slideshare.

Investor Marketing Using Demand Generation Strategies by @PositiveStocks #demandgeneration #stocks via @SlideShare

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