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Positive Stocks is a capital markets development firm.  Focused on enhancing investor awareness for small-to-midcap companies. A full-service Strategic Management Consulting firm for private and publicly traded companies, brokerages, private investment firms, hedge institutional funds, market makers, with customized Investor Demand Generation programs to generate awareness within the investment community. Positive Stocks has strategically worked with companies in a wide variety of industries and verticals since 2005. Working with small and micro-cap public companies trading on the TSX, TSX-V, CNQ, AMEX, Nasdaq, OTCBB Markets, Pink Sheets, AIM, and Frankfurt.

Investor Marketing
We’ll analyze your business, find the areas that need to be improved and come up with a game plan to boost your revenue.

Before we start our engagement

⇒We’ll use math to show you how much investor traffic we can drive to your company and how that visibility converts into sales or investment dollars.

Positive Stocks Uses Technology and Investor Data To Generate Investor Awareness

We have the ability to ramp up conservatively, moderately and aggressively …

Competition to attract new investors is intense and difficult. As a result, successful companies are turning to demand generation strategies as a tool to attract new investors.

Today’s investors and consumers are heavily influenced by content presented on Digital Media. More purchase decisions start online now than ever before (including buying stocks). Whether it‘s for yourself, your company, or your clients – if you want to make sure you have accurate investor awareness representation, we can help.

The latest IR / Investor Relations best practices, including tips on how to create a shareholder marketing plan, and target and reach new investors. … Digital Public Relations · Investor Content Marketing · Investor Demand Generation · IR & Compliance: Driving Investor Audiences for Emerging Growth Companies-Schedule-button-nb

Specializing in Emerging Growth Small Cap Investor Relations Services Since 2005

Investor Demand Generation Strategies

•Improves Liquidity
•Strengthens Market Valuation
•Raise Capital
•Create More Revenue
•Increase Sales

The Positive Stocks Consulting philosophy is that investor awareness is an ongoing project with quick results. We are relationship driven and results oriented.  Our goal is to select the right clients and to concentrate our resources and efforts to serve a limited number of high-quality clients.

⇒We provide weekly reports reflecting measurable results.

Innovative and aggressive investor demand generation programs are designed to create awareness.

Most small-cap and micro-cap companies practice passive investor relations. They release news, develop websites and respond to inquiries from potential investors.

Positive Stocks takes it to a new level with digital investor marketing and consumer marketing.

Investor Relations For The Digital Age

⇒ improving the investor lead generation process – catering to the needs of the investor during their due diligence and evaluation process.

⇒investors are not waiting for their broker or brother in law to call them regarding the next new thing… they are searching online.

Get found and connected into investors online .

• Improve understanding and pull investors through the research and decision-making process using optimized and engaging industry content.
•Digital Public Relations is getting others within similar verticals and industries having authority talk about your company to their subscriber bases.

Financial Communications Services

Investor Lead Generation
Investor Data Aggregation
Investor Lead Nurturing
Investor Lead Scoring

Performance Based Direct Response Marketing Programs
URL Ranking/Marketing Automation
E-mail Communications and Campaigns
Direct-Mail Marketing
Targeted Digital Investor Public Relations
Investor Video Interviews
PPC/SEM/SEO/Article and Content Marketing

We are selective in the companies that we choose to represent. Engaging with companies that have super compelling stories, strong growth potential, near-term profitability, and superior management.

or call Direct,

Alan Armstrong | Managing Partner

Positive Stocks offers strategic investor relations services to its clients using a variety of marketing strategies designed to communicate their clients’ company history and business plan to the appropriate institutional and retail investment professionals.

With in excess of 21,000 stocks in North America competing for investment dollars, Positive Stocks Consulting group knows that it is critical for your company to garner the attention necessary for you to achieve adequate valuations in the marketplace.

Positive Stocks Consulting group’s philosophy is that “investor relations is an ongoing project“. To that end, the company is relationship driven and results oriented. They strive to accomplish their goal of selecting the right clients for their services and concentrating their resources and efforts on only a limited number of high-quality clients.

The Positive Stocks Consulting model employs a variety of conventional and non-conventional programs and tools to communicate your company’s story and increase your exposure.

By being highly selective of the clients they represent – companies with compelling stories, strong growth potential, near-term profitability, and superior management. – Positive Stocks is able to provide extraordinary service and deliver measurable results. If your company’s investment relations campaign could use a jumpstart, if you want to maximize shareholder value, consider Positive Stocks.

Investor Awareness

In our industry, we saw an unfulfilled need that clients were no longer seeing proper exposure while dealing with traditional agencies.

Positive Stocks was founded in 2005, generating exposure to companies such as eEcrypt Technologies, Alternative Energy Solutions, Rio Alto Mining, Netco Silver, ONSM to name a few… Small Cap Investor Relations Strategies

Located in San Diego, CA
701 Palomar Airport Road

Positive Stocks will create your online infrastructure & convert investors traffic.

Investor Awareness

Investor Awareness


investor awareness

Social Media Visibility Programs
•Performance Bases Marketing
•Investor Demand Generation
•Investor Lead Generation (lead nurturing,lead scoring)
•Revenue Marketing/SEO/SEM
•Online Reputation Management
•Product/Brand Launches

Investor Awareness

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