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Answer: Building a list of customers!

Hey Boss,

Building a subscriber base ( a list ) is a great activity– don’t get me wrong. You should focus on capturing that investor lead, providing that investor lead with value, and converting that lead into an actual investor.

Or… you can follow the system we’ve been using this past year and focus on acquiring the INVESTOR first and nurturing the subscriber as a secondary goal.

See, it’s easier than ever to find actual paying investors, and if your time and resources are limited (like they are for everyone)- then why not focus on the activity that’s going to improve your bottom line? shows you exactly…

Discover how to laser target and find groups of qualified investors. Whether you’re looking for high-end business investors, high net worth individuals … or pretty much any other demographic you’d like… there’s an easy place to find and market to them.   Find out where they gather in this video.

Once you know how to find a group, you can do it over and over again to find just about anyone you want.

So if you want to focus on getting customers who can buy from you, this video is for you.

Here’s the training.


How To Find Investors With Money
The economy changes so fast that it is impossible to find a foolproof formula for finding investors with money. Here are some tips on investor lead generation . Read more…
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