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I can tell you right now that social media it isn’t just about brand awareness, reputation, Internet networking and other extremely hard to measure activities. There’re a lot of organizations who are using social media successfully to generate leads but using strategies and tactics a bit differently from traditional investor lead generation programs.

I’ve written a lot in the past about social media lead generation and I have rounded up my top 10 tips.

“The first thing that needs to happen before you begin a social media strategy to increase your investor base is to extend list sales goals and objectives. Before you can go and dive into developing a sales or investor lead generation strategy for social media you have to understand what you’re trying to accomplish. You have to understand the difference between leads, prospects, opportunities, visitors, an actual investors. Second thing that you have to do before you jump into an investor relations or investor marketing outreach program is that you have to audit your existing channels. Meet understand where you’re today to develop a plan to get you where you want to get to. Once you’ve identified all those channels they arty have existing online, and all the existing content, you need to identify whether or not those channels are necessary and Whether you need to optimize those channels and build around them. The third thing you have to do before you dive into a social media frenzy to build your shareholder or investor base is that you have to build trust with your audience.

The most important piece of the puzzle for social conversion and getting investors look at your company seriously is that you have to develop and ask that was trust with your investor lead prospect. If the investor lead doesn’t know who you are what your business stands for and all they have are negative reports on investors hub or online yelp reviews to go after, You have to do a better job or at least lay the foundation to educate investor leads on who you are, And what your company is all about. You have to develop trust Number four. Follow-up the following is an important part of social media and it also is the most overlooked. Find a relevant, quality investor leader to network like Twitter is great but close and then is even better so how do you create that lead and pushed that lead all the way over through the sales funnel into the arms of someone at your company thanking talk to them and educate them further on your company. The follow-up is very important.

 We should also use the channels your investor audience uses. If you’re trying to target Credit investors to spend more time an email and LinkedIn than any other network then you’re wasting time on that network that meet may not make sense. Again don’t take things too slow if you want off the chart investor lead conversions you have to respond to the lead immediately as soon as that prospect enters into that lead scoring range. It’s also a good idea to cross promote your content for more lead opportunities by using digital public relations strategies which is basically getting other people within your industry with large following and subscribe burner bases to mention your company. Them talk about your company and let their followers believe in them which will create credibility for your company and their subscribers and followers will then look into your company a bit further. I think it’s a good idea to put a face on your social media profiles instead of just logos and empty banners. Even if you have to take an iPhone video throughout your office showing your projects your manufacturing facility or just a secretary working at the front goes a long way in creating credibility and trust when you’re trying to build your investor base. Rate your social leads is the key. Leaves going has forever been a part of lead management process for businesses as it helps the organization itself understand each lead level of interest in which you score. I want to make a point that it’s not a good idea to automate your responses at the Leeds stage perhaps at the inquiry or the prospects states but as that investor lead moves through the sales funnel you have to get someone from your organization to talk to that individual. I Think it’s a good idea to learn truly take care of vested interest and learn how to identify warm hot cold investor leads Wally go through the investor lead generation marketing funnel. One of the biggest challenges with social song is the differentiation between warm hot and cold investor leads. It’s not easy for businesses to evaluate and understand the core difference between investor who is simply tweeting something about your company for the sake of tweeting or actually someone that really has a  a vested interest in investing in your company.

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