Investor Leads

Investment Leads

Our clients trust us to generate real-time investor records for them and to market the lead for their offering. Positive Stocks has built a reputation within the investment brokerage community.

We are publishers and advertisers for the financial industry. We are affiliate marketers that use online marketing along with direct response investor lead generation to create retail buying for our clients. Using platforms such as ClickSure, OfferVault and Click Fire..We are able to generate hundreds of thousands of investor leads within hundreds of verticals.


Positive Stocks provides managed investor lead generation services to our clients. From planning and strategy to execution and analysis, our performance based solution is the right choice to meet your investor lead generation objectives.

Explore the range of financial segments that we currently serve, and discover the features of our technology and capabilities below.

• CPL (Cost Per Lead)

• CPM (Cost Per Thousand, or Display)

• CPC (Cost Per Click)

• Email (CPM)

Our solutions are available for financial services companies of all sizes and budgets. Consulting services are additionally offered to assist with marketing plan & funnel creation for our clients.



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