Investors invest in people …

Investors invest in people and their ability to make a company work. Ninety percent of investors I know would tell you that the “Executive Team” is one of the three most important factors in determining their investment decision.  Therefore, it is imperative that you (the entrepreneur) build a strong and balanced executive management team. However, this can be a huge challenge when you don’t have all benefits and cash that Corporate America has to offer – but it can be done.

Don’t underestimate the passion and desire people have to be part of a budding, exciting new opportunity. Most people live their lives in relative obscurity, taking the safe route because they simply don’t have the courage to do otherwise. These aspiring entrepreneurs long for a leader to say, “follow me and I’ll show you passion and the exhilaration of a life with a purpose.” Play on these emotions and ask them to follow you. If your passion is contagious, you’ll be surprised how many people will be willing to work with you just to experience the opportunity of greatness.

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