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How Investors Consume Investor Relations Content

Investor relations departments, IR firms and service providers expel a lot of energy and budget on shareholder communications. How is this investor content consumed by investors? That is the genesis of the Shareholder Confidence 365 Study.

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UPDATED 2014: 38,500 responses to 30 questions EXPRESSLY for IR professionals Created by PR Newswire, Vintage and CNW, the Shareholder Confidence 365 is an ongoing survey targeted to the three key constituents with whom public companies communicate: institutional investors, individual investors and the financial media. The Shareholder Confidence 365 Study asks Capital Market participants one single question on a topic germane to investor relations. The single question format was developed to assure investor participation and mitigate “survey fatigue” of multi-question studies. The study is comprised of over 10,500 unique responses.

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“The Firm” specializes in small to medium cap publicly traded companies, providing shareholder care, live video IR communications and digital Public Relations. Investor relations marketing firm specializing in Investor Demand Generation.

Phil Morgan, President and VP of Client Services said, “We rank content to stand in front of industry searches, that’s the best way to reach your industry consumer and investor.

Positive Stocks represents emerging growth public companies who are looking to gain quick market share. “The Firm” also designs PR campaigns for their clients to generate media interests, attract potential investors and target audiences in their industry. “The Firm’s” client list includes Netco Silver, Inc., a mining company based in Canada, Juice Blendz, YoBlendz,  NY Cafe and Bagel, QUANTUM technologies

Online Streaming Video Investor NetworK

Investor Relations Firm

Investor Outreach Solutions
Positive Stocks provides a full range of investment consulting services for the public and private sectors. Through smart marketing strategy and forward thinking online tactics, we focus on engaging audiences for emerging companies who need to attract awareness within the local and worldwide investment markets.

We understand the importance of developing highly effective investor outreach programs and strategies that help developing businesses stand above the competition. And because of our efficiencies, innovative approach and long standing industry relationships, we’re able to deliver a high ROI for clients who rely on us to grow their business and their bottom line.

Information Dissemination

We offer a full suite of digital marketing services to make sure that your message is heard by all the right people, in all the right ways. The relationships we’ve developed over the years can provide your business with the exposure and positive press you need to gain visibility and attract new investors quickly and cost effectively.

A partial list of our wire services includes:

The Associated Press
Dow Jones
Wall Street Journal
USA Today
CNN Money

Positive Stocks will communicate critical information, like your business plan and company history to investment professionals in the institutional and retail industries. Through our highly effective targeting methods and long-standing industry relationships, we’ll make sure that your business gains the exposure you need with the audience you desire.

Push Media Technology

Imagine being able to reach retail investors at just the right moment, while they are seeking out information on companies just like yours. Now, you can.

By using push technology, we can help to get your message in front of potential investors at just the right moment, while they’re perusing niche financial sites like,,, and hundreds more. Investors who are seeking information will have your message served up during their search query, which increases the likelihood of further action, such as a click, a call, and ultimately, an investment as a shareholder in your company.

About Us

Positive Stocks a full-service digital content marketing firm that focuses on attracting investors and increasing sales for emerging businesses. Individuals and large corporations have been counting on Positive Stocks for over 15 years to deliver highly impactful results when it counts.

Our services include: investor relations marketing firm

Business and Marketing strategy
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Press release distribution
Investor Relations and Shareholder Development
Online Reputation Management Services
Franchise Development (Sales and Marketing)
Lead Generation / Product Sales

Positive Stocks (investor relations marketing firm) currently represents a select group of clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to qualified micro and small cap companies with promising growth potential. Our management team has 15 years of experience working with publicly traded companies across a variety of sectors and industries around the world.t

Accountability • Measured Performance • Proven Results


Our comprehensive IR program includes:

Securing opportunities and preparing messages for senior executives

Conducting outreach to a broader segment of the investment community

Establishing and maintaining investor relationships

Researching market and ancillary opportunities and potential competitors

Providing updates on the latest market and industry news

Our investment community interface includes:

Assisting in establishing and maintaining relationships with institutional investors, sell-side analysts and investment bankers, retail brokers and individual shareholders

Working directly with the CFO to identify critical investors and manage the timing of strategic announcements

Conveying a company’s strategic direction and competitive differentiators to a wide range of opinion leaders

Communicating the company’s story, key messages and brand values

Communicating feedback from the investment community on industry events, key earnings, press releases, etc.

Our shareholder relations include:

Developing and implementing shareholder communications plans

Coordinating and overseeing corporate events, including road shows, conferences, annual shareholders’ meetings and company-hosted analyst days

Identifying and tracking shareholder information, including the ownership, history of meetings and log of communications

Creating a relationship management process to track the effectiveness of Investor Relations meetings

Our financial communications include:

Working with the senior management team to develop executive communications materials

Monitoring the CEO, President and CFO communications with investors and analysts to ensure compliance with

Regulation FD and communication strategies

Developing and coordinating management presentations to the financial community, including visuals and speaker notes

Managing, targeting and securing participation in investment conferences

Developing quarterly earnings releases, annual reports, investor relations conferences and road shows

Maintaining and updating investor relations kits and company presentations

Managing IR website(s) and maintaining the accuracy and inclusion of corporate information on external databases

For specific references and program details, please contact Positive Stocks by phone at 888-385-6831 .


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