Marketing Investors

Marketing Investors….Now that anyone can invest start ups are actually rethinking investor marketing.

Referral marketing programs and incentives marketing programs is a great way and an inexpensive way to attract new investor prospects. It’s a tactic that lands a ton of new investors . Are you spending a lot to acquire investors? Lets talk a little bit about the power of referral marketing. Referrals are one of the most powerful programs to originate investors. Emerging growth companies along with big cap companies often fail at referral marketing or affiliate programs.Referrals generate at high conversions because it’s coming from someone have a relationship with. Since we tend to trust the advice of our loved ones and the people on social media like Facebook, tend to act all our referrals cost to achieve it is dramatically decreased.  Referrals will result in more investors and increase customer base. So how do you build? The first thing you have to do is ask really that’s have to ask people for referrals. You can generate investor eyeballs by implementing affiliate programs online which will  flood your online sales funnel with inquiries and investor prospects.

Investor marketing using digital PR strategies and demand generation methods increase liquidity, improve market valuation lower cost of capital. It’s time investors were engaged, educated, entertained with great content and converted into investors.

Investor relations is actually shifting from searching out for investors use it outbound marketing strategies and turning towards inbound marketing strategies so that the investor finds the company, say find the company, they like what they see and opt in to Communication from the company.



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